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Wanting to buy a property in your beautiful region, French friends of ours, Mr and Mrs PITRAN, sent us to you for the seriousness and the competence of your Company, but also because of the quality of your documents that we have found nowhere else. Your written comments or those that we exchanged on the phone were precise and sincere. You did not try to hide some of the possible problems that could be engendered by some of the business deals that you presented us. This avoided us all sorts of unnecessary travelling back and forth, and for this we wish to thank you.

Through your good services, we found the property that we were looking for, and as if that was not enough, your services did not stop at the normal activities of a simple real estate agent. Your Company is also an architectural consulting firm integrating the "science" of geobiology we are particularly sensitive to, but that, sadly enough, too many architects and French companies ignore or do not fully understand and master.

We thus entrusted you with the extension and renovation work in our new home which at this time is now finished and the handing over took place in the best of conditions. This construction site, which had been difficult for us to follow owing to our business activities and our geographic distance was done magnificently... You agreed to adapt yourself without ever making a negative comment and you tried very hard to have this building done with the love of a well-accomplished job. You gave us a few sensible suggestions that we gladly accepted.

We did not have to wait for long to see some results. The building is magnificent, the attention brought to small details bring with them a quality to the ensemble that all our guests admire.

And all this was done with simple and correct invoicing, without any surprises and without any additional supplements to the initial estimate.

With this letter, we would like to congratulate you for the quality of this undertaking we benefit greatly from. We assure you that we will give ample publicity to your technical expertise and your moral values to every person who talks to us.

Thanking you for the perfect follow-up of this dossier, I remain yours faithfully.


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