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Today, we rediscover the importance of architecture on the health of its occupants, fully knowing that the terrain, the orientation, the cosmo-telluric forces, the materials, the shapes, the proportions, the electric and electromagnetic fields create a vibratory environment which can be beneficial or harmful for the health of the inhabitants. A badly conceived house, building or business, etc. can be the starting point for various diseases, from simple chronic fatigue and insomnia, to depression and even cancer.

Our elders knew these problems perfectly and took particular care of the building sites, the orientations (positioning) and the proportions. Regrettably today, all these fundamental concepts have been swept away by technology, speed and especially profitability. Such an impoverishment of our quality of life could be at the source of what is commonly known today as " the diseases of civilization".

Recent research in chronobiology puts to light the important effects on health of frequencies emitted by the earth (SCHUMANN's resonance, E.L.F ., etc.). NASA studies regarding the effects of weightlessness on astronauts prove the importance of these disturbances on man (lowering of the immune system, hormonal disorders, with a resumption of bone growth, etc.). NASA researchers have tried to recreate in space, a range of earthly frequencies, the results were stunning: an absence of bone growth, a reduction of post-space quarantine, more stable night and day cycles, etc....

Therefore, every person that is cut off of from the earth's natural force fields is subjected to disturbances which increase when he is isolated for long periods and when he is sensitive to these phenomena ; furthermore every person that is subjected to artificial electromagnetic fields finds himself in a destabilizing environment which, according to its intensity, will more or less isolate him from the earth's natural frequencies.

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