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Swimming pool of character

Quality, refinement, charm, authenticity

The entire IRCA team aims to respect these four essential values, in their search for REAL ESTATE, so as to offer you the most beautiful buildings of Provence and the Cévennes country. This also applies in the field of ARCHITECTURE, either in the building or the restoration of a house of character. With expert workmanship, simple constructions will be transformed into sophisticated creations.

After an in-depth study phase, undertaken with the complementary help of construction engineers, thermal specialists and recognized geobiologists, handpicked companies bring with them their expertise in transforming structures that are already in place. " We rethink the entire building: electricity, plumbing, insulation, we leave no room for error.Our planning department proceeds to a complete renovation by using high-quality materials. We are committed to doing high-quality work and finish! "
These strict criteria have ensured the reputation of IRCA team for faultless work. The renovation of the most beautiful homes in Northern Provence has their hallmark. Timeless decorations, with a classic aestheticism... The walls say it all...


Once the renovation of the building is finished, the decorating team comes on the scene and sees to it that particular atmosphere is created, the real style of the house. Valuable materials, artisan's furniture, unique antiques... The combination of all these sophisticated ingredients creates a stylish and warm atmosphere, bringing in the indispensable final touches which will transform a simple building into a house of character

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